Golden Girls - Pistol Youth

Pistol Youth - In My Eyes from Pistol Youth on Vimeo.

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Screen shots as a layered PSD of all the UI elements.
Amazing !

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I’m a huge fan of DWR’s website, it changes religiously every week. Has a very strong and reliable grid and yet has a new feel constantly. I think it’s a great example of how a front page of an ecommerce site should be done. I’m looking forward to the 2009 screentrawl of [...]

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Hero Squad - what google maps was made for

Hero Squad
An amazing idea from Adam Ribaudo (he of sevenup live for the monome). Pick a location, the game places 3 bases randomly on streets, start placing turrets to defend those bases. The alien robot’s will follow the roads (and seem to favor main streets), so look for pincer points and cross fire opportunities. [...]

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A is for Atom

A is for Atom from JP Sykes on Vimeo.
Actually amazingly informational and factually correct. Found whilst looking for audio clips I can add to my new music tracks. Many thanks for Prelinger Foundation.

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Happy Boxing Day

Boxing Day Morris Dancers from JP Sykes on Vimeo.
A large part of me, will always want to be in Swithland on Boxing Day. To anyone who can get to a small country pub, sit by a fire, drink hand pulled beer and then watch Morris Dancers, I wish you one and all and Happy [...]

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Jingle all the Way

i wish I’d had time to put together some sort of monome remix. I spent a couple of hours the other night trying something out on the arduinome, but I couldn’t find a decent way to save the audio and didn’t really have time to finish it off.
So in lieu of something I made, [...]

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Awesome 404

Gotta love the confidence that you know your demographic that well.

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Need help with Python webkit2png script

Apologies for the begging post, I’ve been using the awesome script from Paul Hammond that allows you to take screen shots using a non visible webkit (including the flash content).
I’m using this for a weekly trawl of a series of ecommerce sites, so I can build a reference source for ecommerce design over a period [...]

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Japanese Isometric PSA Infomercial

Awesome public service announcement, apparently covering the topic of Japanese food supply issues. I’ve always loved this style ever since the Royskopp music video.

Via Infosthetics.
Thanks to Kottke for the HD youtube tip.

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