Joshua Davis

Jim just sent me the link to this video and a note that Josh had updated his site “and it’s HTML and powered by Wordpress!!!“.

I had the great pleasure of hanging out with Josh one Sunday afternoon at the Village Idiot back in what must have been 2002-2003 (it was a gathering we’d arranged as part or were-here, back in the day) - side note, I can’t believe WH is gone, erain really did a bad job on that, at it’s peak that place was the center of the flash universe.

I really must get round to picking up one of his prints, I’m totally hankering for a unique one, but that’s going to take some saving. Nice to see that Josh is still going strong, in the video he hasn’t changed a bit from 6 years ago, only back then it was excitement about what the new Flash 5 was going to enable us all to do. Times and technology have changed, but he raw enthusiasm is still there and I think it’s what sets him apart.

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